Easton PA Dec 2017 NW Trials - ColleenMGriffith

Easton PA Dec 2017 NW Trials

If you'd like to purchase videos from the Dec 2 & 3, 2017  NW3 and NW1  trials, held at Easton PA, please follow the purchasing instructions in the email Colleen sent to the competitors immediately after the trial completed. If you did not receive an email from her, click on the "Contact Colleen" link in the header at the top of this page, and ask for the purchasing instructions (she will resend the email).

Colleen was able to video the Exterior, Vehicle, and Container searches for both the NW3 and NW1 trials. Sample videos for each of the searches Colleen filmed are posted in this gallery.

Videos from these two trials will be available for purchase only until January 30th, 2018. ALL video from these two trials will be deleted after that date without prior notice.

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