Huntington MA July 2015 K9 Nose Work Trials

NW2 and NW3 levels

Video from this trial is currently available for sale, now through the end of August.

If you'd like to purchase video of you and your dog from this trial, please read through all the instructions on how to do so that are posted to this webpage:

Click here for instructions on purchasing video from this trial

If you'd like to see some sample videos from this trial, click on the below links:

Click here for sample videos from July 4th NW2 Trial

Click here for sample videos from July 5 & 6 NW3 Trial

At the beginning of September 2015, all video from this trial will be deleted from this website.  At this time, all copies on Colleen's hard drive and back up drives will also be deleted.  Hence, video from this trial will no longer be available for sale after the end of August 2015.  This is because of space constraints. Colleen captures high resolution videos, which require a lot of memory. Since digital storage space is not free and it fills up quickly, Colleen must discard videos and photos that are over a month old in order to free up space for her next photography or video assignment.

If you purchase your videos, be certain to download them, ensure you can find them on your computer, and save a copy to at least one back up drive. If you can't find your videos or have a system crash, I will not be able to help you once I delete the videos from my computer, website, and backup drive.

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