Easton PA December 2018 NW Trials

Videos from these trials are FOR SALE NOW through DECEMBER 27, 2018. Videos may be purchased at any time, including pre-purchasing.


CAMERA SCREEN SHOTS will be posted for each camera, for each search, no later than 2 days after the trial weekend finishes. These can be used to judge the camera placement and quality of the final videos.

SAMPLE VIDEOS for these trials will also be posted here 1 to 2 weeks after the trial weekend finishes. There will be 1 sample video for each search filmed.

ELEMENTS FILMED: On July 10, 2018, NACSW updated their video policy and they are now allowing all elements to be filmed by professional video services in all trials pending CO pre-approval of each camera placement for each search.

PURCHASING DEADLINE: Videos from these trials will no longer be sold after the above purchasing deadline. And all video from these trials will be deleted shortly after that without notice (click here to learn more).

For any questions, click here to refer to the information posted on my video production website, or contact me via the "Contact Colleen" form in the navigation menu above.

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